Each year the club are allocated a number of entries to the London Marathon. The number is based on the number of members who are affiliated to England Athletics. In recent years the club have been awarded three entries each year.

The club allocate our slots via a ballot that is drawn at the Annual Awards Dinner in November each year.

In order that the spaces are allocated fairly and to those most deserving the following criteria applies:

To be eligible to enter the club ballot, you must:

  • Have been a paid-up member of the club for at least 24 months
  • Volunteered for at least two of the previous events (Fred Hughes, MWRRL, Solstice or Stampede).
  • Have been unsuccessful in the current London Marathon ballot
  • Be an England Athletics affiliated runner
  • Haven't run the London Marathon in the last 2 years
  • NOT previously won a club ballot place.

Anyone wishing to enter the draw must provide the secretary a copy of their ballot rejection letter.

Anyone who unsuccessfully applied for a Good for Age entry and failed to enter the main London marathon ballot will not be eligible for the club ballot.

Anyone who has a Championship qualifying time is not eligible for the club ballot regardless of whether they were rejected in the main London marathon ballot or good for age.

Anyone who fails to give the correct date they last run the marathon (if within the last 2 years) or fails to inform the secretary that they have previously run the London Marathon, will be removed from the club ballot and may not be included in any future club ballots.

The first draw in the club ballot will only include people who have never ran the London Marathon previously. The subsequent draws will include any other eligible people that have ran the London Marathon more than 2 years ago.

Contact the club secretary for any queries.

Previous Club Ballot Winners

2018 - Hannah Martin, Jonny White and Peter Clarke

2019 - Wai Meng Au-Yeong, Louise Waters and Richard Vaughan